Protect yourself against pest birds


Our company

Our company has been active for years in the field of professional products and systems for repelling and removing birds.
We are here to give you the solution to any problem you face. Consult us.

Constantly evolving, following what is new in the field of repulsion and removal of birds, we are able with our many years of experience to guarantee a safe and clean result with European standards using products that are environmentally safe (non-toxic) and completely safe for birds.

Who we are

We have been working in the field of bird repulsion for many years. We work with some of the largest factories in Europe with high quality products in the field of bird repellent.
From the provision of the best products, to the proper installation of our systems, we are here to serve you.

Our philosophy

We offer the best service to our customers, with the most reliable materials and the best solutions for every personalized occasion.
Our philosophy is always to try to do something beyond your expectations and in this way to build relationships of trust lasting over time as well as our products.

Our Purpose

Our goal is a cleaner environment that meets the hygiene rules of households and businesses in Greece.
Successful repulsion of birds, without harmful effects on birds or the environment with safety and discretion is a commitment for our staff and company.

Communication with the customer

Communication with the customer is for us the most important point in understanding the needs and priorities of every business and household with which we work.
The purpose of this process is to record the steps followed in the communication of the company so that there are no unclear points for the customer and through this process to be clear the result and the duration of the system that we will implement.

This communication includes ensuring the following essential points:

• Identification and satisfaction of requirements with clear targeting and implementation of the system
• Satisfaction survey during and after project delivery
• After sales service, maintenance and good operation of the project
• Handling of possible complaints with immediate resolution